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Packing Glassware

In order to safely send us items for repair, we recommend you wrap them in the following way:

1. Wrap all items in tissue paper, kitchen roll or another soft cushioned material. If you are wrapping silverware, ensure that the paper used is acid free as acid paper can decay the silver. (If you are wrapping delicate items such as wine glasses, wrap the stem in strong card over the paper and then tape it to secure).

2. Once the item is wrapped in paper, rewrap the item in bubble paper with the bubbles facing inwards. Be generous with the bubble wrap - parcels can be knocked during transit and/or other parcels stacked on top of yours - the bubble wrap will absorb most of this.

3. Pick a strong box and fill this will bubble chips or shredded paper, making sure no items touch the sides, top or base of the box and leaving sufficient room between the articles. Wrap any broken glass items for repair and label these, clearly stating the contents (for the benefit of the person who will unpack your goods upon arrival).

4. Finally, ensure that the box is sealed properly with brown tape and cover all the edges with tape. Mark the box fragile on each side, writing the addressee clearly on the top and your details somewhere discreetly on the side. For flat glassware or small items jiffy bags can be sufficient, but we do not advise sending anything other then flat items in these as these bags often arrive in poor or damaged condition.

All items for packing are available from stationers, post offices or packaging companies.

If your item sustains damage during transit, the post office or courier will send an investigating officer to check the packaging. Should this prove that the packaging was insufficient, the claim will be denied, therefore your box must be sensibly wrapped.

Recommended method of posting
We advise all items sent to us through the post to be insured and to obtain a signature upon receipt. Special Delivery is probably the best option, as there are various levels of insurance, a guaranteed next day service and parcels are logged when delivered, with time and signature. In the UK, Recorded Delivery offers compensation and a signature upon delivery, although the maximum insurance is £28 sterling and this is paid in postage should the item be lost. For larger or heavy items, we suggest Interlink or a similar courier on a twenty four hour service, again obtaining a signature.

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